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Mystique was the former lover of Charles Xavier. However, during their stay in the Savage Land with Magneto, the young Emma Frost came under the tutelage of Xavier, and shortly after he dumped Mystique for "prissy schoolmarm" Frost. Ever since then, Mystique has held great resentment toward Xavier, which in turn makes her completely loyal to Magneto. She recently teamed up with Forge and helped Magneto escape the Triskelion by taking his place in the prison cell. She was hinted to be one of the few who actually knew how Xavier's darker side operates, stating "We all bought into Xavier's dream until we got a look at the sick brain behind it."[citation needed]

It would later be revealed that Emma Frost named Xavier's cat after Mystique after the feline partially destroyed the decor of his office.[1]

Seeking Out Jean Grey

Mystique, now using Rogue's identity, and Sabretooth sought out Jean Grey (currently under the guise of Karen Grant) for an as-of-yet unknown purpose. After Sabretooth killed Jean's current love interest she used her powers to attack him and told Mystique to "Leave... while you still can."[2] She later appeared again as a member of Quicksilver's newly created Brotherhood with Mystique, Sabretooth and Teddy (the son of Blob) joining him to carry on Magneto's legacy amidst the mutant-hating world post-Ultimatum and destroy the "cure" the US Government was creating that would permanently remove mutant powers.[3]



Metamorphosis: Mystique is a mutant with the ability to change her shape, but only into other humanoid forms. On one occasion Mystique is shown taking the shape of a giant creature with a gaping mouth of large teeth, horns, and tentacles. This suggests that she is able to take the form of imaginary or mythical creatures. Also, while in this form she exhibits enhanced strength, holding Charles Xavier aloft with one hand. This suggests she can take on the some of the characteristics of these forms as well.[1]

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