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Quote1 I am a shape-shifter. An outcast, even among mutants, trusted by no one. I don't have a life of my own. I just steal little bits from other people's lives. But that's how I survive! Quote2


Mystique was the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and was a close ally of Apocalypse.[2]

A shape-shifting mutant, Mystique had many forms throughout her life. She had two sons: Graydon Creed, with Sabretooth, and Nightcrawler, with a rich count. She abandoned Nightcrawler, after her husband was horrified to find out that she had given birth to a mutant, by placing him in a basket and leaving him in the river.[6]

At some point in the future she was later captured and forced to do slave work on the island of Genosha along with many others who were then freed by Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee.[7]

She later became the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants while she was working for Apocalypse. Though she didn't care about her own biological son, she took great interest in Rogue, her adopted daughter. She taught Rogue how to use her powers and manipulated her into taking orders, using her as a weapon.[8]

Rogue later left her, to join the X-Men. Mystique did all in her power to win her back, but was unsuccessful each time.[8] Years later, her eldest son Graydon had a "family reunion" and tried to kill her, Nightcrawler, and Rogue. Kurt (Nightcrawler) wanted answers from her, so she told him about the events leading up to her abandoning him. She told him that she didn't want him. Kurt said he would pray so that he and God would forgive her.

Creed then tried to shoot Nightcrawler, but Mystique saved him and fell into the water of the dam. The X-Men thought she died, but she was seen to have survived, with tears in her eyes.[6]



Shapeshifting: Her mutation allows her to impersonate anyone.


  • She was voiced by Randall Carpenter in Season 1 and by Jennifer Dale in all subsequent appearances.

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