Mystique is a ruthless and feared master of hand-to-hand combat and an unscrupulous manipulator. However, she held dear the well being of her two children, Rogue and Nightcrawler. Whereas the latter seemed to return the love, Rogue deeply despised Mystique and even attempted to kill her at one point.

Mystique maintained a position of power as the principal of Bayville High, under the alias "Raven Darkholme". When she disappeared, a replacement principal was brought in, requiring her to invent a new alias: "Risty Wilde". Under this identity, she befriended Rogue and was able to spy on the X-Men. Later, she kidnapped and impersonated Professor X.

Her powers were greatly enhanced by Apocalypse when she was forced to become one of his Four Horsemen. She gained the ability to transform into multiple beings at once (a swarm of scorpions), and change into a liquid state and regenerate limbs lost in combat (though this could simply be another application of her liquid state), but lost these powers when Apocalypse's plans were thwarted. At the end of the series she tried to apologize to Kurt and Rogue, but they didn't want it and left her in Egypt, feeling bitter and upset. [citation needed]


Seemingly, those of Raven Darkholme (Earth-616)#Powers.


Seemingly, those of the Raven Darkholme of Earth-616.

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