One of several Raven Darkholme on Battleworld, whose domain of origin is unknown, was sentenced to life beyond The Shield and became a Zombie of the Deadlands.

At some unknown point she discovered Deadpool, and his regenerative abilities, which gave them an unlimited supply of meat and increased intelligence.

While Elsa and Shuttup were trying to travel south, Mystique disguised herself as Hel-Ranger Worthington and 'rescued' Shuttup with the intent of eating her.[1]

After returning to the camp she found Shuttup did not zombify and just as Mystique was about to remove Shuttups brain, Shuttup was rescued by Elsa charged with the power of the Bloodstone, who upon fleeing, killed Deadpool.[2]

Angered at the loss of her food source Mystique chased down Elsa and try to destroy her and reclaim Shuttup, but Elsa destroyed Mystique and her group.[3]


Seemingly those of Raven Darkholme of Earth-616.

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