The history of this incarnation of Mystique most likely mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart, up until her first appearance in this reality.

While impersonating Dr. James Power, Mystique attended a Science Expo that the real Dr. Power was also at with the intend to steal Dr. McCoy's latest invention, device that can detect superpowered people based on their cellular structure. She stole the device, which led to the real Dr. Power being arrested.[1]

However, Dr. Power's four kids, the young superhero team Power Pack, were also at the expo and, along with Dr. McCoy, tracked her down to prove their father's innocence. In the fight that followed, Mystique used her powers to impersonate the Juggernaut, gain wings, and imitate Jack Power. Katie however easily figured out who the real Jack was by firing her energy balls at them, making the real Jack turn into a cloud. Finally, Mystique turned in to a giant, purple monster. Julie however defeated her in this form since Mystique's powers only allow her to change her appearance, not her mass. As such, her giant size didn't make her any heavier or stronger than her regular form. After being defeated, she was arrested.[1]


Seemingly those of Raven Darkholme (Earth-616)#Powers. Although this mystique was able to shapeshift herself into a giant form with proportional strength but the same level of mass as well as sprout functioning wings from her back.[1]

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