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Quote1.png My name is William "Bud" Connor. I was once one of Captain America's best friends... a WWII vet with PTSD... who was eventually sent to Ravencroft for help... only to be experimented on and dehumanized instead. I am not the bad guy here. Rather... I'm the man who will ensure Ravencroft never hurts anyone ever again. Quote2.png
William "Bud" Adams

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• John Jameson begins to feel the pressure from both sides, as Wilson Fisk continues to extort him – and his friend and partner Misty Knight, implores him to do the right thing.

• You know what they say about stress – it can bring out the worst in people...


  • Physical publication of this issue was temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it was instead released digitally.[1] It was later released in physical format on September 2, 2020.[2]


  • While narrating, Bud Adams calls himself William "Bud" Connor. This is either a mistake or his true name.

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