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Little is known of his past. Ravenous first appeared as part of the Annihilation Wave led by Annihilus as the leader of the Seekers, beings whose sole purpose was to seek out those who possessed the Power Cosmic such as the Heralds of Galactus and capture them. Ravenous first appeared attempting to capture the Air-Walker, but rejected him upon discovering he was an android. He battled the Silver Surfer several times in attempts to capture him, but was each time defeated. It is rumored he gained his name by consuming the flesh of one of his defeated foes. He battled along side the Annihilation Wave for the remainder of the war.[1]

Following the end of it he became the default leader of what was left of the Annihilation Wave forces. As part of the treaty ending hostilities the entire Annihilation Wave was ceded a number of territories formerly belonging to the Kree among them the former Kree capital of Kree-Lar where Ravenous oversaw the birth of a new Annihilus.[2]

Shortly afterwards the Phalanx launched an invasion of the Kree galaxy under the command of Ultron. Ronan the Accuser and others came to Hala looking for a way to stop the Phalanx invasion. They tricked their way into the Kree throne room where they easily overpowered Ravenous and Ronan activated thousands of Kree Sentries hidden under the palace. At the request of Ravenous, Ronan used them to destroy the attacking Phalanx before sending them to liberate Kree space.[3]

War of Kings[]

After the Annihilation Wave was defeated Ravenous became ruler of the Ceded Territories, former Kree space taken by his Negative Zone's host, and ruled from Kree-Lar. When the Shi'ar Empire attacked in an effort to wrestle the Ceded Territories from him his forces managed to resist but Vulcan sent the Strontian to assassinate him. Despite his valiant resistance he was quickly overpowered but was saved at the last moment by Nova.[4] The Strontian eventually overpowered him and Nova seconds before Nova Prime arrived on the scene with reinforcements[5] and defeated the Praetorian Guard, taking Ravenous in custody.[6]


Power Grid[12]
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  • Essence: Much if not all of Ravenous' power comes from his ability to channel the "Essence" or "Opposing Force." He claims it to be the Negative Zone's equivalent to the Power Cosmic.[7] Of all the Seekers his abilities appeared to be the highest. Ravenous' abilities appear to be the only one's whose powers were close to those of a herald of Galactus. He was deemed a Category 1 threat by the Nova Corps and stated to have an "universal" threat level.[8]
    • Superhuman Strength: The Essence grants him vast superhuman strength[7] and allows him to engage and hold his own against the likes of Silver Surfer in physical combat.[9] Despite his great physical strength he is not on the level of beings like the Strontian.[4]
    • Superhuman Durability: The Essence grants him incredible durability[7] and even the Silver Surfer himself had to use his full power to make him bleed.[9] Most energy blasts, including the ones from Ronan the Accuser's Universal Weapon[10] and the Super-Skrull's flames[11], simply bounce off his skin without causing any damage. He was able to survive multiple blows from the Strontian with only moderate injuries and a blast of her heat vision with minor burns.[4]
    • Self Sustenance: The Essence grants him the ability to exist in space without any sort of equipment.[7]
    • Energy projection: Ravenous can project blasts of energy capable of damaging even the likes of Air-Walker[9] and Ronan the Accuser.[10]


  • Master Strategist[7]
  • Master Combatant: Ravenous is an extremely skilled unarmed combatant.[7]


  • Power Loss: Ravenous' ability to channel the Essence was not innate, but channeled from beasts called Currs which were used to hunt down the Heralds. If the Curr was destroyed it would regenerate in short time, but during that time a Seeker's powers would be severely diminished if not gone entirely.[7] This no longer seems the case and he has found a way to retain his powers even without a Curr.[4]



  • Plasma Blaster


  • Star-Sleds

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