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Ravenscroft is a small village founded by the Saxons north of London in the heart of England.[1][2][3]


During the summer of 1168, Adam was born in the small Saxon village of Ravenscroft. In 1184, Adam sustained a near fatal fall. All the healers, shamans, and soothsayers believed he would purish until he made a miraculous recovery. From that forward, he was known as Adam of Destine.[4]

In 1209, Cuckoo travelled to Ravenscroft and met Adam's parents for the first time. After their meeting, the ancestral estate was established and has been in their family ever since.[2] Eventually a large manor house was constructed and served as the primary base of operations for Clan Destine until it was destroyed by Vincent.[2][5]

In the modern era, Ravenscroft had become a very ordinary English village.[2]

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