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Quote1.png I don't believe it...! This is the family estate, Pandora. That 'ruin' was our family home for centuries. Quote2.png

Ravenscroft Manor is the ancestral estate of Clan Destine in Ravenscroft, England.[1][2]


In 1209, Cuckoo travelled to the small Saxon village of Ravenscroft to meet her grandparents, Adam's parents, for the first time. After their meeting, their ancestral estate was established and the land remained in their family ever since.[2] Eventually a large manor house was constructed and served as the primary base of operations for Clan Destine until it was destroyed by Vincent.[2][1]

The ruins of Ravenscroft Manor

After the destruction of manor, the family scattered. Walter had a cottage constructed on the grounds and raised Rory and Pandora there with Flo.[1][4]

Points of Interest

  • Walter's Cottage
  • Ruins of Ravenscroft Manor
    • Hex's Anechoic Chamber
    • Cold food storage/bomb shelter/Crimson Crusader and Imp's secret headquarters

The Destine Family Cemetery


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