The Ravenstarr Maximum-Security Prison Galaxy was an artificial galaxy that was designed and managed by the Shi'ar. It had approximately 110 million artificial stars, 40 million prefabricated planets, and 8 quadrillion inmates. The prison galaxy was a violent one, where inmates created nuclear-level bombs and used them on each other.[1]


A Shi'ar dreadnought was sent into the prison to investigate an explosion and lost communication with the Shi'ar Empire. Rather than risk any more Shi'ar lives, Majestro Gladiator himself flew into the prison to investigate. He gave orders that if they didn't hear from him after 17 starsecs to contact the Avengers.

Two days after the Avengers entered the prison, their ship ended up shipwrecked. For three days they were ensnared in the magnetic webs the prisoners set up. Every day their ship was being attacked by different species of inmates desperate to escape the prison (War Skrulls, Badoon, Dire Wraiths, Brood, etc). Thor was infected by the Brood, and though he fought the transformation for days, he finally turned on the Avengers. He was on the verge of killing Captain America, until he lifted Mjolnir and knocked out Thor. The Avengers discovered entire worlds had been burned to a crisp by the Star Brand.

Seeing the return of the Star Brand as a threat to the universe, three Cosmic Heralds entered the prison (Silver Surfer, Firelord, and Terrax) to kill the individual with the Star Brand. The Avengers ended up fighting the Cosmic Heralds, and it was discovered that the one with the power of the Star Brand was a pregnant human woman. She was a migrant worker from Earth who ended up as an illegal worker in the Shi'ar Empire and was sentenced to prison. Angry, lost, and desperate, the power of the Star Brand was activated, and being unable to control the Star Brand, resulted in devastation. She went into labor, and the Avengers helped her deliver a baby, which was the true source of the Star Brand. The Cosmic Heralds decided to show mercy, but with a warning that they would be watching.[2]

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