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The Ravenstarr Maximum-Security Prison Galaxy was an artificial galaxy that was designed and managed by the Shi'ar. It had approximately 110 million artificial stars, 40 million prefabricated planets, and 8 quadrillion inmates. The prison galaxy was a violent one, where inmates created nuclear-level bombs and used them on each other.[1]


While being transported into Ravenstarr for illegaly migrating to Shi'ar territory, Earther Suzanne Selby was chosen by the Starbrand, which sent her on a rampage across the galaxy, unintentionally obliterating numerous worlds while attempting to control her new-found powers.[2] A Shi'ar dreadnought was sent into the prison to investigate the initial explosion caused by the Starbrand, but it lost communication with the Shi'ar Empire. After two crewmen returned in an escape pod both mentally and physically scarred, Majestro Gladiator himself flew into the prison to investigate. He gave orders that if they didn't hear from him after 17 starsecs to contact the Avengers.[1] Around this time, three former Heralds of Galactus, the Silver Surfer, Terrax the Tamer and Firelord were drawn together to hunt down the new Starbrand.[3]

Two days after the Avengers entered Ravenstarr, their Quinjet became ensnared by a magnetic web set up by prisoners. Three days afterward, their ship had become a recurrent target for scavengers, including War Skrulls, Badoon, Dire Wraiths and Brood. Thor became infected by the Brood, and he caused a breach that ended with Black Widow, Blade and Ghost Rider becoming lost in space. A day after leaving to find a ship, Captain Marvel returned with the Starjammer. In the meantime, the other half of the team had encountered the Silver Surfer and were escaping from him.[1]

The Starjammer was intercepted by Terrax and Firelord as the Avengers followed the Starbrand's trail of destruction, and eventually arrived at a planet where Gladiator had found Suzanne.[4] The missing Avengers convened with the rest of the team, and they fended off Suzanne's would-be killers while Captain America helped deliver her baby. Suzanne died in the process, with the Starbrand being passed down to her baby, whom the Avengers would later name Brandy. Both Gladiator and the Heralds decided to show mercy, and let the Avengers return to Earth with the baby.[2]

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