Revelation is the future counterpart of Ravonna Renslayer (also known as Terminatrix).[1]

Her life mirrored Mainstream Ravonna's life, diverging when, while Revelation accepted Kang's proposal, the past Ravonna decided to refuse, putting Kang in stasis and traveling back into the year 1903 to stay whith a past version of Kang known as Victor Timely.[2]

In her future, Revelation and Kang ruled their Empire and they had a son named Marcus.[2]

At unspecified point Kang died and Revelation took his role leading the Empire against the evil Alioth and the other kingdoms, like the Time Variance Authority's Empire and the "Kang" (secretly Terminatrix)'s Empire.[3]

When Revelation discovered that Alioth was going to destroy all of past "Kang"'s Empire in the year 4949, she summoned War Machine, Thunderstrike and U.S. Agent and sent them in the past Chronopolis to advert Terminatrix that the only way to eliminate Alioth is to restore Kang from his comatose state.[3]

Later, Revelation and Marcus watched Terminatrix's reaction to Kang's proposal. Terminatrix refused both staying in Chronopolis with Kang and go in the future and becoming a leader, making Revelation and her future only one of the possible futures within the Multiverse instead of Ravonna and Kang's future.[2]

Revelation returned in her headquarter in the year 9999 with Marcus, and her Kingdom was defeated when, in the past, Kang returned to Chronopolis after a period as the Pharaoh Rama-Tut, conquering all of his enemies' empires.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[6]
Energy Projection*16
Fighting Skills6
* Higher stats in armor


  • The battle between Ravonna/Terminatrix and Ravonna/Revelation mirror the conflict between Kang and Immortus.
  • At the beginning, Revelation was intended to be the final counterpart of Ravonna, but when Terminatrix decided to refuse Kang's offer, Revelation's future became only a divergence.

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