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Rawhide is the name of a city in the state of Texas. During the mid 19th century, the town gained prominence as the "birth-place" of the frontier hero known as the Rawhide Kid. The city was once described as ".. one of the wildest places in the untamed West. Every man who walked the streets wore his guns low, and kept his eyes peeled for trouble! For this was a town with no law! A town which had yet to know the stern, forceful hand of a man with a badge! In Rawhide, brute force was a way of life, and fights in the street aroused no more attention than a distant thunderclap! The slightest argument was settled by a gunfight, and the man who was slowest on the draw, had the shortest life span! Such a place was Rawhide, Texas, and such a town saw the beginnings of the Rawhide Kid!"Rawhide Kid #17

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