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This story is a reprint of the comic
Rawhide Kid #21.

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Synopsis for "The Gunmen of Sundown City"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Rawhide Kid #21.

In a local saloon the Rawhide Kid is caught by the local US Marshal, Ben Carson, who tries to take the outlaw hero into his custody. However when the Kid tries to draw the Marshal proves to be the faster shot and manages to blast the guns out of the Kid's hands and takes Rawhide as his prisoner. Carson then orders the Kid onto his horse to be taken to the county seat. As they ride away they are witnessed by the locals who don't wish to be Carson's shoes.

Along the trail the Rawhide Kid takes a chance to get away and orders Nightwind to buck, knocking Carson and his horse over allowing the Rawhide Kid the opportunity to make a break for it. Carson realizes that he has broken his ankle and orders his horse to go back to town and get help. Not far away Grizzly Younger and his gang are heading into Sundown City to take advantage of the Marshal's absence. Ben is found by the outlaws who decide to have some fun at the wounded lawman's expense. When Ben tries to reach for his rifle they shoot at his hand.

Not far away the Rawhide Kid wonders why Carson isn't after him but decides to bed down for the night. The next morning the Kid is awoken to the sound of approaching riders. He spots a pair outlaws riding to Sundown City after hearing that Grizzly Younger took control of the town. Feeling responsible, the Rawhide Kid rides to Sundown City himself to learn what happened to Ben. When he arrives in town, the Rawhide Kid is attacked by a "welcoming committee" who try to shoot him down. The Kid fights them off but he is soon surrounded by Grizzly Younger and his men. Grizzly remembers the Rawhide Kid as the man who defeated his pal Blackjack Borden[1] and is none too pleased to see him.

With one of his men keeping the Rawhide Kid at gunpoint, Grizzly sends his minion Patch to strike blows against the Rawhide Kid. When the Rawhide Kid begins to fight back, Grizzly then sends his other minion Ape into the fray. The Kid manages to knock Patch aside, he manages to stun Ape by throwing dirt into his face. Despite being winded, the Rawhide Kid manages to knock out the two outlaws. Impressed with the Kid's fighting skills, Grizzly offers him a choice: join his gang or die. The Kid actually considers joining up with the gang, prompting the locals of Sundown City to flee in a panic.

Grizzly revives his lieutenants and then orders the people to stand still, introducing them to his newest gang member, the Rawhide Kid. The Kid is visibly ashamed by the frightened people he asks what happened to Ben Carson. Grizzly takes him to the US Marshal's office where Carson is tied up. When Carson begins to lip off at the Kid, Grizzly slaps him across the face. The Kid orders him to stop, but is ordered by Grizzly to shoot the lawman. However the Rawhide Kid cannot bring himself to shoot a helpless man at point-blank range. He then turns his gun on the outlaws sending them scattering. Then while the Kid is handing the Marshall a knife to cut himself free he is winged by a bullet fired by Grizzly. The Kid takes cover behind a desk and kicks it into Grizzly, sending him sprawling.

When Grizzly tries to shoot Ben, the Kid shoots the gun out of his hand and the outlaws are quickly rounded up. When the Kid tries to turn himself over to Carson, he tells the Kid that Grizzly Younger's gang was his last act as a lawman as he has decided to retire and lets the Rawhide Kid go.

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