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Quote1.png You're not bad for a little fella, Rawhide!! But you're just outta your class this time! Quote2.png
Two-Gun Kid

Appearing in "The Rawhide Kid Meets the Two-Gun Kid"

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Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "The Rawhide Kid Meets the Two-Gun Kid"

The Rawhide Kid is accused of training a grizzly bear to rob the pony express and is defended in Tombstone by Matt Hawk; the Grizzly turns out to be Ace Fester in disguise, and he is unmasked by the Rawhide Kid and the Two-Gun Kid.

Appearing in "The Fastest Draw!"

Featured Characters:

  • Larch Morgan

Other Characters:

Synopsis for "The Fastest Draw!"

  • Synopsis not yet written


  • Issue includes a text piece entitled "Murder on the Mesa".

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