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A member of the race of supermutants known as the Neo, Rax became the new leader, or Jaeger, of the Neo after the accidental death of the former Jaeger, Hunter, at the hands of Cecilia Reyes. Rax wielded a high-tech crossbow which he could fire with uncanny accuracy.[1]

The hidden Neo civilization was devastated when the High Evolutionary removed all mutants' powers, and it was this act that caused the Neo to declare war on both humans and mutants alike.[2]

Rax later tried to prove himself by fighting Gambit all by himself. He tracked him down to New Orleans and started a fight, but Gambit with his upgraded powers was clearly superior. However Rax endangered innocent bystanders and waited for Remy to use his energies to save them from falling debris. Now weakened, he was easily defeated by Rax, right as the other Neo arrived. Domina was proud of Rax and wanted him to kill his prey, but then the unified guilds of New Orleans entered the scene. Domina announced to spare Gambit’s life and left, since it was clear who was victorious, though Rax and Remy knew who really was the superior combatant.[1]

Later after Magneto sought to recruit the Neo into his war against mankind, Rax was literally torn apart by the wrath of Magneto, although he apparently survived.[3]

Rax kept his mutant powers after the M-Day, and attacked the mutants at San Francisco alongside other members of the Warclan, confronting the Young X-Men.[4]

He was seemingly killed by the Evolutionaries along the others Neo in order to ensure the survival of the mutant species.[5]



  • Empathy: Rax's extra-human senses enable him to sense base emotions
  • Genetic Tracking: Also Rax can track others by trace genetic material.
  • Superhuman Senses


Rax is an excellent archer.



Hydraulic crossbow.

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