At some point, Berzerker had some association with the Morlocks.[1]


Berzerker's power is fierce and so is he. Much like Roberto (Sunspot), he is quick to take offence. He refuses to admit it when he is wrong, and will never be the first to back down. He has got a wild streak that can be fun, but has a real dangerous edge to it. He is really not a good fit with the X-Men, and would probably feel more at home with the Brotherhood. Though he is fierce, he is shown to care for his fellow Mutants.


Electrokinesis: Ray can discharge bolts of electrical energy. He was also able to absorb a lightning bolt from Storm.


He has a hot temper. His powers seem to short him out when in water.


  • Ray Crisp was introduced into X-Men: Evolution because the writing staff was looking for a bad boy with a mysterious past as well as characters with unique powers. Though an obscure character, Berzerker was exactly what they were looking for. Since then, Berzerker has developed a notable fan-base.

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  1. On a couple of run-ins with the Morlocks, Ray seemed to know them quite well, like when he knew where their hideout is in the episodes "Day of Recovery", and "X-Treme Measures".

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