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Ray Schoonover served as Frank Castle’s Commanding Officer within the United States Marine Corps Force Recon division. During their deployment in Afghanistan, Schoonover supervised a specialized C.I.A. task force composed of United States Special Forces operatives and was in command of a black operation call-signed Cerberus. The operation drew heavy scrutiny from Castle due to its illegal nature and poor leadership by C.I.A. operative William Rawlins.[1] Due to Castle’s knowledge of Schoonover’s participation in drug smuggling and ordering assassination missions, Schoonover helped facilitate the means for Castle’s assassination in Central Park. Schoonover had set up a meeting between the Kitchen Irish, Dogs of Hell, and the Mexican cartels in order to disguise the assassination plot as a drug bust gone wrong.[2].

Unknown to Schoonover, Castle survived a bullet wound to the head, forcing Schoonover to portray himself as a friendly ally of Castle while covering his personal tracks. Schoonover’s duplicity has been discovered by Karen Page during a face-to-face interview at his home. Schoonover attempts to murder Page, only to be stopped and promptly executed by Castle.[3]



An arsenal of military-grade weaponry.



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