Raymond Bloch aka the Ox was a member of the criminal gang known as the Enforcers. Although he was very, strong he was never particularly bright. While under the employ of the Big Man, Ox was involved in one of many clashes with Spider-Man.[1] The Enforcers continued to be hired by various crime bosses vying for power in the New York crime scene, including the Green Goblin.[2] They also teamed up with the Sandman to kidnap the Human Torch, but they were defeated when Spider-Man freed the young hero.[3] The Ox also worked with Mr. Fear and the Eel as the Fellowship of Fear against Daredevil.[4]

Body Exchange

While breaking out of prison with his cell mate Karl Stragg. Stragg, a brilliant scientist, offered to increase the Ox's intelligence. However this was a trick and Stragg instead switched bodies with the Ox, leaving him in a puny body while Stragg rampaged across New York, eventually stopped and killed while fighting Daredevil.[5]

Apparent Death

Raymond, now trapped in Stragg's body, was arrested and imprisoned. Upon his release, residual radiation caused him to mutate into a form much like that of his original body. Fighting Daredevil once again, the Ox eventually exploded due to the build up of radiation in his body.[6]

Raymond was believed to be dead for some time afterwards, and his brother Ronald took his place as the new Ox for some time.[7]


However, Raymond survived, and was living in the alleys of New York until he was found and revitalized by the Kingpin.[8] Ox was seen at the Raft when he is among the prisoners who witnessed Norman Osborn being marched to his cell.[9]

Ox later robbed a grocery store and walked way with the cash register when seemingly no one present was willing to stop him; however, Miles Morales swung by and attacked him, though was surprised that he didn't go down at first. Miles then used his Venom Blast to bring Ox down and webbed him. Taken to The Cellar, a maximum security prison built upon Ryker's Island by Empire Unlimited, Ox was placed in a glass tube alongside Walrus. When Ox asked Dr. Stillwell if they expected him to live like this, Shannon stated that they don't, and then flooded the containment, placing Ox in suspended animation and allowing Regent access to Ox's enhanced strength.[10] He was presumably freed alongside all the other Empire Unlimited captives when Regent's plans were thwarted by Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Mary Jane Watson,[11] as he later turned up once again in the employ of the Wilson Fisk when the Kingpin returned from San Francisco.[12]


Increased Strength: Ox was stated to be able to lift a couple tons at most.[10]


  • Hand-to-Hand combat: Raymond Bloch was experienced in hand-to-hand combatant and brawler; due to his intimidating size he rarely lost a fight until Spider-Man came along.

Strength level

  • Increased strength, able to lift at least 800lbs,[13] a couple tons at most.[10]
  • While in the body of Karl Stragg, Ox had average strength for his physique, and could potentially have a higher level of intelligence, as the Ox felt that he was getting a bit smarter since being in that body. This body would eventually mutate into a form similar to his original body.[6]


Conventional automobiles.



Rocko (Earth-616)

File:Rocko (Earth-616).png


Rocko was Ox's driver.[8]

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