Raymond Cartel was a brilliant, but mad scientist, who was incarcerated in 1941 at the local State Insane Asylum for an unspecified mental illness. Five years later he was released back into the population and Cartel decided to focus his time on learning everything there is to know about the human mind. In his lab, Cartel developed a mind reading device and decided to use it for his own personal gain.

Testing out the device he read the mind of the Sub-Mariner and learned that the hero was about to capture the Lynch Mason mob. Crane then tipped Mason off for $1000 and offered his assistance to the gang in the future. Cartel then used his device to commit a series of safe cracking crimes, and also set up a legal front as a mind reader in order to read the minds of his victims. Through this show, he learned about a salvage of a fortune in gold off the coast of the city. As he and Lynch Mason made preparations they were attacked by the Sub-Mariner -- who was also in the audience and remembered seeing Cartel on the day that Lynch Mason escaped -- but they easily knock out the hero.

Getting a head start, Cartel and the gang took control of the ship, but the Sub-Mariner eventually caught up with them. During the fight, Cartel forced Namor to stand down by threatening the life of one of the ships crew. Namor and the crew member were then left to suffocate in an air tight bathysphere while they escaped. Namor managed to escape, and the hero quickly caught up to their speed boat and rounded up Cartel and his associates. Once apprehended, Cartel's mind reading device was destroyed by the Sub-Mariner.

Upon his capture, Namor stated that Cartel and the others would face capital punishment in the electric chair.[1] However, Cartel's ultimate fate is unknown.




Cartel was an expert on the human mind and a brilliant scientist and inventor.


Cartel spent time in an insane asylum for five years for an unspecified mental illness. He was likely criminally insane.


Cartel had developed a portable mind reading device that allowed him to probe the minds of those in his immediate vicinity. The full limitations of this device are unknown.

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