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Accident & Training

Ray was involved in an accident and developed ultra sensitive hearing abilities similar to Matt Murdock, the Daredevil. Just like Daredevil, Stick found and trained Ray to take his extra-sensory abilities to new heights. Ray would eventually take over the mantel as Daredevil. Using a costume and equipment almost identical to the original, save for contrast of yellow and red schemes to the design. He roamed through NYC, Hell's Kitchen presumably, to succeed Daredevil.[1]

Vampire Invasion

Not long after becoming Daredevil, Ray was attacked and turned into a vampire. Yielding to his master, he lured the Avengers to become their new prey and convert them to their cause: to infect the world's super heroes to upset the balance in favor of darkness. In the process, Ray bit Captain America.[2]

Later on, Ray became subservient to the vampire Hulk clone when he killed and usurped his master's place, and was with a vampirized Stick attacking the Triskelion. He and Stick tracked down Blade - who was imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. - and severely beat him. As Ray was about to kill Blade, he and the other vampires were teleported to a daylight hour Iran by Captain America, where they combusted and died from being exposed to sunlight.[3]



Just like Daredevil, he has enhanced senses plus typical vampire attributes and powers.

Additional Attributes

He is blind and has ultra sensitive hearing, both of which can be easily taken advantage of. Also, as a vampire, he had the typical weaknesses associated with a vampire including a dependency to consume blood and a weakness to sunlight.


Connor is the most short-lived replacement for Daredevil.

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