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When he was fifteen, Raymond's teeth had rotted and decayed. At that time, his mother died in a factory accident. He later had his incisors stitched in without anesthetic.[1]

Together with his enforcer Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton, Raymond "Piranha" Jones attempted to steal dangerous chemicals from the Adonis Chemical Company, but were stopped by Power Man.[2]

After escaping conviction, Raymond Jones and Dontrell Hamilton fled to Stamford,[3] where Jones was seemingly killed by Terror.[4]

Raymond later turned up alive in South Bronx,[5] where he was recruited by Black Cat.[6] Jones in turn recruited Montenegro and others to also join Black Cat's Gang in an attempt to wrest control of Harlem from Tombstone's Gang.

The group was outsmarted by Lonnie Lincoln; however, who had rigged the building with explosives. Piranha was killed in the resultant blast and his body was brought back to the Pooty Tang Lounge by Cottonmouth and the New Pride.[7]

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All his teeth had been replaced by triangular blades. He used the teeth as weapon to bite his enemies.[3] They could also deflect bullets upon impact.[4]

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