Quote1 I think we impressed upon them the need to better treat their mutant-- for that matter, their entire super-human-- population. Quote2
-- Raymond Sikorski src

Early Life

Raymond Sikorski originally found the existence of superhumans hard to believe, was forced to call upon the Avengers for help after it was discovered that the Plantman had broke The Wizard out of prison with a plant duplicate. Plantman had attempted to kidnap the Presidents of the United States of America, he turned to the Avengers for help. The Avengers wound up finding the Wizard, and he was returned to prison.[2] Later the Avengers contacted Sikorski to ask for clearance to make Spider-Man a trainee member of the Avengers. He refused their request, pointing to the Pentagon's belief that Spider-Man was a security risk.[3]

Mr. Sikorski along with Henry Gyrich visited the Avengers Mansion to meet with the Vision, who was acting as the teams chairman at the time. Desiring to establish greater control over the Avengers, and to free up their abilities at a governmental level, the Vision used subtle mind-control upon both men so that Gyrich would resign as the Avengers' security liaison and name Sikorski as his successor.[4]

Mr. Sikorski attended a meeting with the Vision and Captain America over the devices created by Dr. Bruce Banner which were stored at his Northwind Observatory. To keep security at the site until the equipment had been examined by the government, he allowed some of the team to remain on site.[5]

At a meeting in the Pentagon, General Peabody raged over the revelation that the Vision had taken control of the US computer systems. Peabody demanded that swift retaliation against the team, but Mr. Sikorski refused, believing that the would have an explanation. Later the Vision confessed, and stepped down as chairman for the team. [6]


Raymond Sikorski is adept at politics and administrative law.

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