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Raymonde Belmonde owned a small shop in Montreal and, several years ago, stopped a runaway by the name of Jean-Paul Beaubier from stealing from him. He took the young Beaubier under his wing and guided him through life, introducing him to skiing and helping him become more comfortable with himself. Eventually, Beaubier went on his way in life, only occasionally visiting.

On one of those visits, he was introduced to Danielle, Raymonde's daughter, whom he had never heard of. He also had surprise introductions to make, introducing Raymonde to his long-lost sister. However, their joyous reunion was cut short when a local crime lord, Deadly Ernest used his death touch to kill Raymonde and then kidnapped Aurora. Northstar, working with the vigilante Nemesis was able to defeat Ernest. However, Aurora then shocked him by revealing that Danielle had betrayed her father by allying herself with Ernest. Danielle was captured and turned over to the police.

Powers and Abilities


None, human.

Physical Strength

Normal human.

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