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{{Marvel Database:Character Template
| Image =
| Image = Rayshaun Lucas (Earth-TRN684) from Marvel Rising.jpg
| RealName = [[Rayshaun Lucas|Shaun Lucas]]
| RealName = [[Rayshaun Lucas|Shaun Lucas]]
| CurrentAlias = [[Patriot]]
| CurrentAlias = [[Patriot]]

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Rayshaun Lucas was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D., where he was trained by Captain America.

Patriot is very by the book, and always means serious business. According to Squirrel Girl, he can be a little uptight but also really loyal to his teammates, and Ms. Marvel describes him as hard-working. He never backs down from a chance to stand up for the right thing and always defends the little guy.


Patriot actually doesn't have any powers, but it doesn't stop him from doing his job. He's very capable, he's trained by Captain America. He goes above and beyond to make sure he's on the same level as people with powers and abilities. He never gives up; he's always persevering and stops at nothing to get things done. Captain America taught him multiple combat and hand-to-hand combat skills and helped him build his strength, speed and agility. According to Ms. Marvel, he's definitely following in Captain America's footsteps, since he's "an unceasing defender of truth, honor and justice." Squirrel Girl also thinks Patriot might make "a pretty good" mentor, and Ms. Marvel states that he trains really intensely and is a great leader. Captain George Stacy came directly to Agent Lucas to assist dealing with Ghost-Spider.

Strength level

Rayshaun is strong enough to go head-to-head with Ghost-Spider, and even break through her webbing


Patriot's shield is a multi-tool, given to him by S.H.I.E.L.D. It's a shield first, and glider/hover board, that can also shoot projectiles and energy blasts.

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