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Raz Mesinai

Raz Mesinai

Real Name
Raz Mesinai
Badawi, Sub Dub, Ladyman



Date of Birth

, 1973

Personal History

Raz Mesinai is an established musician, composer, dj, graphic novelist & creator of the 'Dub Fiction' genre. His short story for Marvel was the first in main stream comics to include a DJ villain, a theme that consistently returns in Mesinai's fiction, including his upcoming enhanced graphic novel "THOE".

Professional History

Raz Mesinai began experimenting with electronic instruments when he was 10 years old. When he was 16 he began creating a fictional character in, what was to be, a graphic novel titled "Badawi". He soon became more interested in making music to the story then to draw it, so began his project under the Badawi moniker which lasted for nearly two decades. Starting in 2002, Mesinai returned to the graphic novel medium to develop his story "The Heretic Of Ether", which is currently being developed as a film as well.

Work History

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