Of all the strange creatures that live on Earth-7840 possibly the strangest of all would be the being known as Raze. A sentient can of bug-spray with appendages, Raze would grow to hate all insects. For reasons unknown, he would murder Bug Weaver, and while escaping authorities would pass by the new costumed celebrity the Man-Spider (secretly Bug's nephew Webster). Webster's inaction would allow Raze to escape, however upon hearing that the man who got away murdered his uncle, Webster would devote his time and super-spider abilities to fighting crime. Raze's true identity would be kept secret thanks to a large jacket obscuring his distinguishing features.

In recent time, his hatred for insects growing to genocidal levels, Raze would threaten the mayor of the city into paying him a $1 billion dollar ransom or he would destroy the ozone layer with pollutants. Raze's plan was to put a hole in the ozone layer so that all the insects of the world would die. Upon hearing of Raze's plot thanks to his job at the Daily Beagle, Webster would go into action as the Man-Spider. Initially captured by Raze, Man-Spider would recognize him as the man who killed his uncle and try to escape. Raze would attempt to kill the Man-Spider with a bomb, however the wall-crawler would jump to safety, leaving the bomb to explode and seemingly killing Raze in the process.

  • Raze is a parody of the anthropomorphic can of Raid that appeared in commercials for Raid bug spray for many years.

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