Raze was a Skrull bounty hunter who was born without his native people's ability to shape shift. When Raze was a child, his older brother Vranx killed their parents. Raze swore revenge against his brother, and grew up to became a bounty hunter and tracked his brother across the galactic empire. However his brother did have the power to shapeshift and took a new identity for every planet he arrived on.

He traveled to the planet Calculex, where he spoke to the locals to find out if they had seen his brother. After a brief interrogation he found that Vranx was at a bar called The Dark Side. When he entered the bar he called Vranx out, threatening that he will kill everyone until he shows himself. Vranx showed himself but when Raze killed him the Silver Surfer got in the way, allowing his brother time to escape. Raze told the Surfer that Vranx had left a string of corpses across three galaxies and it was his job to bring him down. The Surfer offers to help bring him to justice but without killing him.

The two tracked Vranx down, and the Surfer stayed out of the fight and let Raze settle things with his brother. Raze fought with Vranx, and though he managed to graze him with a shot from his gun, before long, Vranx was standing over Raze and prepared to finish him off. However, before he could, the Surfer interfered again and knocked Vranx out. Raze pulled out a knife to kill him, but was stopped by the Surfer. But Raze pulled out a gun and shot his brother dead, revealing his true Skrullian form. Surfer seeing this as murder vowed to bring Raze in for his crime. Raze later used the distraction caused by Genis-Vell's arrival to escape.[1]


Skrull Genetic-Defection: Raze's genetic-defection denies him the common Skrull ability of shapeshifting.[2]

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