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Early Life

Raze Darkhölme was the mutant son of Wolverine and Mystique.[6] For unknown reasons, Raze killed his mother and replaced her. He was eventually found in Madripoor by his half-brother Charles Xavier II, who was given away by Mystique just after birth.[5]

X-Men & Brotherhood

After the young Xavier fixed the broken mind of Beast, Raze joined the X-Men alongside them in the hopes of fixing the team from within, but they lost hope after Alison Blaire was killed right after being elected President of the United States of America.[7][8]

Coming to hate the X-Men for what they had done and become after his father's death, Xavier created his own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with Raze and three mind-controlled X-Men (namely Beast, Deadpool, and Molly Hayes).[9] A psychic construct of Jean Grey created by Xavier[10][11] and a sentient ice creation of Iceman[12] were also mind-controlled members of the team.[9] The Brotherhood tried to defeat the X-Men in several occasions throughout the following years, but failed in all of them due to the X-Men's mastery over magic, technology, and bending the laws of physics.[7][8]

Battle of the Atom

Tired of always losing, Raze suggested the team should go back in time to a period where the X-Men hadn't mastered magic and tech yet, as the X-Men would be more vulnerable to them then, and added that, in order to keep the fight going, they could send instructions to their past selves if they ended up failing again or dying in battle. Going along with his brother's plan, Xavier commanded Beast to send them back in time[8] and they arrived on Earth-616.[4]

Masquerading as their timeline's X-Men, the Brotherhood tried to convince the present-day X-Men into sending the time-displaced original five X-Men back to their proper place in time, alleging that their presence in the present would cause some catastrophic event in the future.[13]

No More Humans

Later, he was the mastermind of a plan to remove the entire human population of the Earth and bring in all the persecuted mutants from the Multiverse into this timeline to create a mutant paradise, a plan that was later reversed by an alternate universe Phoenix.[3]



Seemingly those of his parents, Wolverine and Mystique. According to Kymera, Raze's shape-shifting powers are even stronger than Mystique's.[12]


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