Razer was an ancient Persian sorcerer whose spirit became trapped in the Black Blade of Baghdad.[1] He was released when Eugene Judd, a soldier of fortune, attempted to steal the Blade. Judd, not willing to let this force of evil roam free used his body to contain Razer. However, this affected his body by reducing his physical dimensions, making him appear to be a dwarf but making him immortal.

Years later, Judd, who was now known as the Alphan Puck was feeling extremely depressed. This weakened his emotional defenses and Razer was able to escape his confinement for the first time. Immediately after Razer left Judd's body, Judd reverted to his true age and height. However, Razer menaced Judd's teammates in Alpha Flight, so Judd once again used his body to trap Razer.[2]

Razer would next escape Judd's body when the villain known as Arcade fooled Judd into believing that his inaction had caused the death of teammate Heather Hudson who Judd felt very strong feelings for. When Arcade realized he could not control Razer, Judd had to once again use his body as a prison for Razer.[3]

Razer was finally able to escape from Judd's body on a permanent basis after Judd fell into a well of powerful magic which cured him of his dwarfism but freed Raazer.[4]

Razer has since been seen acting as a member of Iraq's super-human group known as Desert Sword, wielding the Black Blade as the Black Raazer.[5]

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Raazer does not have a physical body and is capable of flight and size manipulation.



The Black Blade of Baghdad is capable of inflicting a variety of damage to stealing a soul, inflicting physical damage or cutting through most materials.

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