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Wenwu send four Ten Rings enforcers to San Francisco to retrieve a pendant from his wayward son Shang-Chi. Although Shang-Chi put up a very strong fight against all four, Razor Fist was able to accomplish the objective. He then returned to the Ten Rings Fortress in China. Wenwu's children and Katy were imprisoned there by Wenwu, however they came across Trevor Slattery and together managed to escape the cave where they were held. THe prisoners made their way down to the garage, where they stole Razor Fist's car and used Morris, a friendly dijiang from Ta Lo, to guide themselves through the perilous shifting bamboo maze to get to Ta Lo.[1]

Three days later, the Ten Rings followed, and Wenwu arrived in Ta Lo with his cohorts including Razor Fist and Death Dealer. Wenwu ordered the village burnt down, and the fight began between the Ten Rings and Ta Lo. Wenwu began breaking the protective barrier, which let through the Soul-Eaters that began attacking both the Ten Rings and the Ta-Lo residents. Ying Nan urged them to cease hostilities and join forces, which Razor FIst boastfully refused to do. However Soul-Eaters then attacked and killed the Death Dealer and were shown to instantly regenerate all damage from conventional weapons while being vulnerable to Ta Lo dragon scale-tipped weaponry. Razor Fist then accepted that Ten Rings should join forces with Ta Lo, ordered everyone who was restrained to be released and swapped his retracable arm blade with the one made in Ta Lo. In the ensuing fight many, including Wenwu himself, fell to the Dweller-in-Darkness and the Soul-Eaters. Wenwu passed his rings to Shang-Chi, who used them to defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness, though it was at the cost of many of the Ten Rings' forces and the lives of the villagers of Ta-Lo.[1]

Afterwards, Xialing took over the Ten Rings, with Razor Fist remaining at her side.[1]



  • Retractable blade in right hand stump



  • A deleted scene from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings revealed that Razor Fist's real name is Mattias, and that he was adopted by Wenwu after Shang-Chi had run away.
  • Another deleted scene had Razor Fist fight through the Soul-Eaters in order to retrieve Katy's bow, which ended in his death. This scene is incompatible with the final version of the film.

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