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Reader was a part of the Lor Tribe of Inhumans who settled in Orollan, Greenland.

As an independent, Reader functioned as a freelancer for both human and Inhuman jobs. After the Terrigen Mist was released over the Earth, he found steady work as a procurer for the Inhuman corporation Ennilux, locating NuHumans and bringing them to Venice for a fee.[1]

In China, Reader found a NuHuman named Xiaoyi about to be captured by the Chinese military. He offered her sanctuary and passage to Italy, and she agreed.[2] Once they arrived at the Ennilux Corporation in Venice; however, Reader learned that Xiaoyi, now calling herself Iso, would be the next vessel for the Capo, the leader of Ennilux who had survived for generations by transferring his astral presence from one body to the next, effectively killing each subsequent host. Unwilling to leave Iso to that fate, Reader freed her from the Capo's surgeons and returned his fee before fleeing.[3]

Reader brought Iso to New Attilan, requesting sanctuary for her. Once the Inhumans of New Attilan drove off Ennilux and seemingly killed the Capo, Reader left Iso in the care of Queen Medusa and her people.[4]



Literary Manifestation: Reader has the ability to make anything he reads manifest into reality. If he reads the word "fire", a fire will start in his vicinity. Although his people put out his eyes to stop him from using his abilities, Reader is still able to trigger his powers by "reading" braille with his fingers.[5] Maximus has correctly deduced that since the meaning of language is entirely constructed, that he is capable of manifesting any nuanced effect he wants as long as he understands a word to mean so.[6]

Reader needs to sleep between uses of his powers. After one "read", the second "read" will be at only half strength. A third "read" between sleep cycles will be very weak.[7]

Ability cards he has used include:

  • See - See through the eyes of another, typically his dog, Forey.[2]
  • Freeze - Stops time.[2]
  • Away - Teleportation[1]
  • Back - Travel back in time[8]
  • Castle - Creates a castle out of nothing, though on later reads everything on and in it will be smaller than before.[9]
  • Nose - Enables him to track via something's scent.[10]
  • Rewrite - In Reader's own words, this "lets you write a story, and then erase it, and rewrite it from scratch through your memory", effectively warping reality.[11]
  • Death - Kills whoever is around him instantly.[11]
  • Write - Allows him to permanently transform someone with whom he is in physical contact into Braille on a nearby surface.[11]
  • Floob - A neologism defined as a concise way to say "mass astral projection".[6]


Skilled fighter, staff handler

Additional Attributes

Reader becomes weaker every time he uses his abilities, until he replenishes his energy through sleep.[8]



Collapsible jet pack,[2] costume with invisibility or camouflage tech.[2]


Bo Staff


  • Reader claimed to have met a highly skilled blind man in New York,[12] this was later revealed to have been someone other than Daredevil.[13]

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