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The Readers were fans of the comic-books. However, reading the X-Persons' adventures perverted their moralities, so they decided to maim their own bodies, implant cyborg limbs in the place of the severed ones and, suddenly sickened by their own actions, they swore to kill the X-Persons. The X-Persons were aware of them (except for Longshort and, while there was a term to refer to these people, the X-Persons were not allowed to use it because they were in comic-books edited by Jim Salicrup.[1]

During the "Mutant Beach Party!" saga, the X-Persons were harassed by the ominous consortium of their most deadly and most implacable enemies. The consortium contacted a number of other villains and enemies of the X-Persons, to attack the X-Persons before the consortium made their grand entrance. The Readers made their attack just before the consortium. While the fight was inhuman and adamant, the X-Persons prevailed—just in time for the Watchit to appear as a prelude to the consortium's attack![1]

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