The mysterious Realm Below is a subterranean cavern complex beneath Asgard that contains the Domain of the Trolls, the home of the insanely-savage Rock Trolls that is connected to the surface by a crater hole.

Modern Age

As it was requested by Mimir, Thor ventured in the Realm Below to bring back the ruby eye of the dragon who was guarding the realm's gleaming gates. Before he could attack it, Ulik arrived and fought Thor for the eye. They battled across a rock bridge surrounded by a sea of flames, until Ulik managed to knock Thor off[1].
Believing Thor dead, Ulik managed to snatch the eye from the dragon for himself. He needed the ruby to permanently seal the portal where he used to live the bestial Trogg, whom was accidentally released by the Trolls' excavations and had since many trolls. Thor then agreed to help Ulik defeat Trogg if he could keep the ruby. Trogg though, was too strong, and Thor was eventually forced to use the ruby anyway. Having lost it, Thor was mocked by the trolls for sacrificing the ruby for them[2].

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The Realm Below, a subterranean cavern complex beneath Asgard is similar to the Dungeons and Underdark of RPG games.

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