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When Mar-Vell was empowered by the Enigma Force and began plotting to destroy Death in the Realm of the Dead and create a new Paradise for the deceased, he gathered a following not only in the Realm of the Dead, but in the land of the living as well. In the land of the living, these followers were Richard Rider, Carol Danvers, Peter Quill, and Wendell Vaughn.

They would form a team that would be referred to as the Realm Marvel. The origins of how the group was formed, is unknown but it's presumable that Mar-Vell visited them in each members dreams much as he did to contact Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark.

Through unknown means, the Realm members traveled into the Negative Zone and cast their souls into the Realm of the Dead in such a way that their souls were not in forfeit. They would aid Mar-Vell in gathering souls of dead heroes and villains to join the ranks of Mar-Vell's army of the dead. Among these recruits were Dr. Doom, Iron Man, and the Phoenix.

When they finally confronted Death at her fortress, Mephisto got involved in the fight and used his powers to choke the members of the Realm Marvel with their own cloaks. They survived this ordeal, however they have no longer resided in the Realm of the Dead nor Mar-Vell's Paradise. They were all seen alive and well when Reed Richards and an entourage of heroes traveled into the Negative Zone to witness the expansion of Paradise into that realm. Their activities after the death of Death, and their subsequent activities when Richards traveled into Paradise remain unrevealed.

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