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During the Infinity War, Thanos was spiritually abducted by Death into her royal palace.[1]

Alternate Universes[]


Realm of Death from Deadpool The End Vol 1 1 001
In Earth-94535, Deadpool spewed chaos across the Realm of Death. This accumulated with his successor blowing up her Probability-Based Quantum Armor to kill them both. Afterwards, Wade's soul ended up in the Realm of Death and he became co-ruler of the dimensions alongside Death.[2]

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Thanos (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 108

Legion of the Doomed

  • Death's servants - Undeads and other beings that serve Death. A rat-like being with a Roman cuirass and a yellow-skinned undead with a medieval cuirass acted as her intermediaries before being killed by Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.[3][4]
  • Legion of the Doomed - An army of undead protecting Death's palace. Most fight barehanded, with a few wearing a worn cuirass and using weapons such as sabers, spears, axes, and scythes.[1][5]
  • The Harvestman - An entity created by Death to make sure that the dead stay dead.[6]

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