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Synopsis for "High and Mighty"

The Mighty Avengers have come to assist the Inhumans in quelling Devos' revolt. However, the Inhumans don't believe in help, especially Gorgon.

Meanwhile, with the Alpha Primitives in revolt, Ronan steps up to defend his wife Crystal, but she proves that she can take care of herself. Just then, Quicksilver, creating a huge whirlwind, blows all the Alpha Primitives away. Things then get awkward then Quicksilver realizes that Crystal has remarried.

Back on the surface, Hank Pym can easily guess that the Inhumans are having more than a hint of ingratitude. Vision can guess that the Inhumans are no longer the "reluctant exiles" they once knew but now confident rulers of the Kree. They break into Devos' tank, finding him ranting like a maniac. U.S Agent suggests that they shut up him, which Karnak obliges, using a quick jab to the head to knock Devos unconscious.

Back down below, Quicksilver is questioning Crystal about her marriage to Ronan, including whether he is making her happy. She snaps back that Ronan doesn't and asks back why he is here. He answers that he's here to make a formal apology for his past actions.

At Attilan, Pym explains to Medusa that they meant no offense in intruding on their affairs, which she claims they could've handled by themselves. She reminds the Avenger that her kind has much to show for in ruling the Kree and asks that the Avengers respect them. Pym then expresses his sorrow for the loss of Black Bolt, though Medusa uncertain that he is dead. Pym agrees with her and sympathizes with her, for he lost his wife Janet van Dyne in the Skrull invasion and they both as taken on their lost ones' respective roles. It is then Medusa's turn to ask about why the Avengers are here, to which Pym answers that one member of his team has to say sorry.

The nest day, Quicksilver is admiring the prosperity the Inhumans have granted the Kree. As he leaves Crystal's presence, she then talks with Ronan for help in investigating the source of the Alpha Primitives revolt.

The scene then cuts to Quicksilver, claiming that a Skrull impostor had stolen the Terrigen crystals. He gives the Xerogen crystals back, earning back the Inhumans' trust.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vere and Lord Zarek are plotting the overthrow of the Inhumans.

Out at the Fault, Ra-Venn and Triton are scouting the massive space-time tear. The former then detects an acoustic signature that resembles Black Bolt's voice.

Solicit Synopsis

Guest starring the Mighty Avengers! It’s more courtly intrigue and crushing cosmic action as Attilan faces threats from within and without! The Alpha Primitives revolt! Devos the Destroyer attacks from the heavens! The Inhuman Royal Family struggles to maintain control, but can they maintain their authority if they don't even trust each other? And how will the arrival of Quicksilver and the Mighty Avengers upset the balance of power?


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