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Appearing in "The Conquest of Jarella's World Book I"

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  • Dark Gods (Mentioned)
  • Hiro-Kala-10036 🢒 (First appearance) (Vision)
  • Lihla-10036 🢒 (First appearance) (Vision)

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Synopsis for "The Conquest of Jarella's World Book I"

Hiro-Kala and the last survivors of Sakaar have flown to the edge of the Tayo system in their Stone Ship to observe the Fault, a tear in space and time. When they return from their observation, Hiro-Kala tells them that even though they are on a mission to find his brother Skaar and wipe out the Old Power from the universe, he senses that he will be part of an even greater task. Suddenly, a strange energy begins to swirl around the boy massiah and he suddenly shrinks down in size. This same force them teleports him off the ship and into the Fault. Taking command, Axeman Bone orders the crew to follow after their leader into the Fault and pursue those who would kidnap him.

Meanwhile, on the Microverse world of K'ai, a young woman named Jentorra uses a spell to try and summon the Hulk back to their world. When it seemingly fails, she curses the statue she is casting the spell over and wonders why they always need the Hulk, questioning what he has done for them in the past. With her planet being invaded by a Psyklop swarm, she believes that they need a savior from the stars, not the Hulk. As she says this a probe of the Endeavor III, piloted by Arcturus Rann passes by the planet and crashes into the Psyklop ship. Aboard the Endeavor, the former Princess Marionette argues with Arcturus about his seemingly pointless queset to find the Enigma Force Nullifier over all else when there are other more pressing concerns. She eventually gets fed up and decides to leave. On her way out, the Death's Head Unit known as Carl tells her about the Psyklop invasion of K'ai and convinces her that they are in dire need of help. Unwilling to turn her back on people in need, Marionette turns around and tries to convince Arcturus to do something. However, Rann isn't interested in saving a planet full of savages and tells them that with only three members on their team, they are in no position to fight a Psyklop invasion anyway. Frustrated with her former lover, Marionette asks Arcturus what happened to him, however, he can't give her an answer.

Back on K'ai, Jentorra is confronted by a swarm of Psyklop. Identifying herself as the niece of the late Queen Jarella, she tries to convince them to spare her. Although they don't plan on killing her, they intend on feeding her to the Dark Gods that they serve. But, before they can, the statue of the Hulk beings to crack and suddenly shatters, revealing Hiro-Kala hiding inside. Meanwhile, aboard the Stone Ship, Axeman Bone and his crew manage to track their leader through the Fault and into the Microverse, eventually taking them on a course to the planet K'ai. Just outside of the planet's orbit they notice the massive Psyklop ship and realize their master might ne in trouble. Looking out at the ship ahead of them, Lihla turns to her father and believes that they are in trouble as well. Back on the planet surface, the Psyklop try to torture Hiro-Kala by making him see what he hates. The boy is shown visions of worlds being destroyed and he becoming a powerful ruler of alongside Lihla. However, this hate of the future is not because of what will become, but what he believes he cannot accomplish. He then unleashes the full power of his hate in the form of the power that flows through him, slaying the Psyklop drones in front of him, while also blowing up their ship in orbit.

The Stone Ship is caught in the blast and begins to fall to planet K'ai. While back on the surface, Hiro-Kala is confronted by the remaining Psyklop hive and uses his power to decimate them all. He then casually walks out of the village he has appeared in just as the Psyklop ship comes crashing down on it.

Solicit Synopsis

Meet a new monster for a new age, and a challenger to the warring Kings of the Cosmos...he is Hiro-Kala, SON OF HULK, and this young apocalyptic visionary has a destructive destiny: obliterate the Universe! This monstrous Son of Hulk has been abducted to Jarella’s sub-atomic world deep in the Microverse, where his father once found love and acceptance. Now he must battle an invasion force of murderous aliens…even if it means unlocking a new, horrifying power within him that can never be controlled. Book one of “THE CONQUEST OF JARELLA’S WORLD”, a mind-breaking adventure from critically acclaimed writer, Scott Reed.


Continuity Notes

  • The statue Jentorra is worshiping is an statue sculpted by Alicia Masters out of Adamantium when the Hulk was pardoned in Incredible Hulk #279. It remained in Central Park until Gorsham used a spell to replace the Hulk with it in Incredible Hulk #352.
  • Jentorra curses the Hulk wondering what he has ever done for her world. The Hulk has done much, but there have always been some losses as well. These encounters were:
    • Incredible Hulk #140: Hulk first comes to K'ai, liberates it from Visis, but it taken away by Psyklop
    • Incredible Hulk #156: The Hulk helps liberate K'ai from Visis again.
    • Incredible Hulk #202203: Hulk returns to liberate K'ai from Psyklop. When he returns to Earth he takes Jarella back with him. She dies shortly thereafter in Incredible Hulk #205.
    • Incredible Hulk #247248: Hulk returns to K'ai to find it a desolate wasteland following the death of Jarella. The Hulk ultimately restores the planet with the Soul Gem.
    • Incredible Hulk #351352: The Hulk is brought to K'ai to oust the religious zealot known as Grand Inquisitor Risuli. Once he accomplishes this mission he is banished by the wizard Gorsham.

Continuity Errors

  • The narrative of this story refers to K'ai as a sub-atomic world. It was originally believed that the Microverse existed in the atoms of the universe, however, this has since been disproven in Fantastic Four #282. The Microverse does not exist in atoms, in reality it is another universe that is accessed through the process of shrinking. If you shrink to a small enough size, you pass through the barrier between universes.

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