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Quote1.png You will help me rid this Microverse of an abominable energy known as Old Power...while I learn why I was pulled from my universe to yours...and discover exactly who is to blame. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Conquest of Jarella's World Book II"

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Synopsis for "Conquest of Jarella's World Book II"

Taken to the world of K'ai in the Microverse, Hiro-Kala has just liberated its people from an attack by the Psyklop hive. Before the ruins of the Psyklop ship, Hiro-Kala asks to know more about the world that he has been brought to as he was brought there against his will. He introduces himself and uses his power to bring back those whose souls were taken by the Psyklop. When the people of K'ai proclaim Hiro-Kala as a god, he corrects them, telling them that he is the son of the Hulk as he is joined by the refugees from the planet Sakaar. Hearing that he is the offspring of their former king, the people of K'ai begin to rejoice. Those he has resurrected he has changed into his faithful host. He tells the people of K'ai that he will rid the Microverse of the Old Power and then find out who took him from his quest and make them pay. Hearing this is Jentorra, niece of the late queen Jarella, and she silently fears what Hiro-Kala might do should he learn that she was the one who brought him to her world.

Meanwhile, aboard the HMS Endeavor III, Arcturus Rann and his allies Marionette and Carl have landed in a nearby lake to investigate the situation on K'ai. As they prepare to leave their ship they recount how K'ai is ruled by a triad of sorcerers as well as a class of assassins. Marionnet also reminds them that the Hulk has interacted with this world many times before, for better or for worst. When Carl commends Rann for deciding to intervene here, Arcturus isn't sure if they are going to, or if that is a good idea. Once in the water, Rann suddenly suffers a searing pain. As Marionette talks him through it, Carl informs them that he is not as waterproof as he thought. Rann can feel the Enigma Force Nullifier nearby and they quickly swim to the surface before they can become a meal to some of the predators lurking in the water. There, while Carl and Rann begin to recover from their ordeal in the water, they notice that the Psyklop hive has been stopped by some unseen force, leaving them to wonder what happened on the planet before they arrived.

Back in the city, Hiro-Kala sends Axeman Bone and his followers out to eliminate the remaining Psyklop that might still be active. After they leave, Hiro openly mocks the man that was once his master, much to the dismay of his consort Lihla, Axeman's daughter. He turns her attention away from her anger, pointing out that they have more pressing concerns such as destroying the Old Power. He admits that he is disturbed to have been brought to this world, which has a connection to his father. They are interrupted by the arrival of some of Hiro-Kala's Ka'itian converts who wonder what they can do for his mission to destroy the Old Power. To this end, he makes them living conduits of his New Power and send them to carry on his mission. Returning to their conversation, Lihla shows him the statues the people of K'ai have erected in honor of his father and points out that regardless of his connections here, the Hulk found some kind of happiness on this world. Seeing a statue of the Hulk being embraced by Jarella prompts Lihla to kiss Hiro-Kala.

On the beach, Marionette believes that Rann is finally dying. When Carl asks what she means, she explains that he is the descendant of the ancient Wayfinder who is fabled to have created the Microverse. His parents were even revered as gods, and he spent over one thousand years in suspended animation absorbing the Enigma Force, the greatest secret of the cosmos. She tells him that the Enigma Force contains ionized radiation and that now that the Force has left him, that radiation is killing him. She tells Carl that Rann has been searching for something called the Enigma Force Nullifier, which may or may not exist. The trio are unaware that they have been watched by Axeman Bone and his warriors until it is too late and they are ambushed. Back in the city, Hiro-Kala shows Lihla a vision of the future where he is the ruler of the Microverse and she is his queen. Seeing the destruction wrought by this conquest, Lihla declares Hiro-Kala mad and tells him to stop this insanity from happening. However, they are given a message from the Galactus of this future. In this future, Galactus is now the herald of Hiro-Kala who uses his New Power to purge the Old Power from the universe. He warns that this quest will lead to the destruction of all existence. As Marionette leaps into battle against Axeman Bone's warriors, Hiro-Kala gives Lihla a necklace taken from a displace case and tells her that these vision will rise up and be revealed.

Solicit Synopsis

Hail Galactus, Herald to the Son of the Hulk?! As the SON OF HULK, Hiro-Kala, sets loose a chain of events that forever alters Jarella's World and threatens the entire sub-atomic Microverse, a vision reveals his future metamorphosis into a god-like being, with an enslaved Galactus at his control! As his dark destiny unfolds, Commander Rann and Princess Mari arrive on the planet K'ai, as Rann's obsessive quest to find an Enigma Force cure to his deadly radiation disease finally takes it's toll… but are they too late? BOOK II of “THE CONQUEST OF JARELLA’S WORLD”


Continuity Notes

  • There are a number of statues seen in this story that recount the times Hulk has come to K'ai in the past:
    • Incredible Hulk #140: Hulk first comes to K'ai, liberates it from Visis, but it taken away by Psyklop
    • Incredible Hulk #156: The Hulk helps liberate K'ai from Visis again.
    • Incredible Hulk #202203: Hulk returns to liberate K'ai from Psyklop. When he returns to Earth he takes Jarella back with him. She dies shortly thereafter in Incredible Hulk #205.
    • Incredible Hulk #247248: Hulk returns to K'ai to find it a desolate wasteland following the death of Jarella. The Hulk ultimately restores the planet with the Soul Gem.
    • Incredible Hulk #351352: The Hulk is brought to K'ai to oust the religious zealot known as Grand Inquisitor Risuli. Once he accomplishes this mission he is banished by the wizard Gorsham.

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