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Quote1.png You've slain my Bonesmen! They were brothers to me--baptized in the blood of war. You are fortunate. My axe is quick. You may not even feel my blade. But you'll be just as dead! Quote2.png
Axeman Bone

Appearing in ""The Conquest of Jarella's World" (Book III)"

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Synopsis for ""The Conquest of Jarella's World" (Book III)"

Hiro-Kala has taken over the planet K'ai as part of his destiny to eliminate the Old Power from the universe, despite visions of the future warning that this may lead to the destruction of the universe. He is also seeking out the individual responsible from taking him from his quest to find his brother to bring him to K'ai. The person responsible, Jentorra, hides in plain sight, fearing what might happen when Hiro-Kala learns that she was responsible. Hiro's examination of the ancient libraries, he has discovered that while there is no Old Power within K'ai it is found on many worlds in the Microverse. He has also learned about the Enigma Force and seeks to claim this power to add to his own. When he pronounces this, Hiro-Kala unleashes his New Power shattering the ground under his feet in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, on a nearby beach, the warriors of Axeman Bone are being slaughtered by Marionette, who is defending her allies, Arcturus Rann and Carl. Rushing to the scene, he arrives just as his last living soldier flees and engages Marionette in battle. Back in the city, Hiro-Kala has come to believe that it was the sorcerer triad who brought him to this world and that they have spent their lives studying this planet and what they thought was magic. In reality, the planet has technology deep beneath its surface and he uses his power to bring massive spires to the surface. Lihla begs Hiro-Kala to listen to what she has to tell him, but he leaves her in a protective bubble while he and his K'aitian converts approach one of the spires. While back on the beach, Marionette manages to dodge Axeman Bone's axe and dives under his rock drone, grabbing hold underneath and stabbing her sword up through it, impaling it through his foot. Back in the city, Hiro-Kala discovers that these spires are actually ships that are powered by the Engima Force. He decides that he will send his faithful resurrected into the Microverse to use his New Power to wipe out the Old Power that taints this universe. While back on the beach, as Marionette continues to battle Axeman Bone, Arcturus Rann is contacted by the Enigma Force. It warns him of the great threat that now faces the Microverse showing him a vision of the future, one where Hiro-Kala is responsible for the destruction of everything.

At this point, Jentorra recognizes the necklace around Lihla's neck as the Enigma Force Nullifier and makes her move. Removing it from the girl, Jentorra uses it against Hiro-Kala, knocking him off his feet. Although he fights back with his New Power, his soldiers call out to Axeman Bone to come back and protect their master. Meanwhile, Axeman Bone manages to overpower Marionette, but she is rescued by Carl who has managed to get his systems online. When Axeman Bone gets the distress call he flees the scene, but not before cutting off one of Carl's arms. While back in the city, Hiro-Kala manages to retake the Enigma Force Nullifier from Jentorra and sends his converts into the ships. It is then that Lihla tells him that she loves him, no matter what may happen next. On the beach, Arcturus Rann's eyes suddenly fly open, his eyes charged with the energy of the Enigma Force.

Solicit Synopsis

The SON OF HULK, Hiro-Kala, has become the greatest threat the Microverse has ever known. He’s only been there for one day. As the newly crowned ruler of his own world, the Son of Hulk unleashes vast, deadly secret weapons and seeks to destroy a mysterious, ancient artifact that holds the raw power of the Enigma Force! BOOK III of “THE CONQUEST OF JARELLA’S WORLD”.

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