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Appearing in "The End: Conquest of Jarella's World"

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  • 🢐 Hiro-Kala-10036 (Vision)
  • 🢐 Galactus-10036 (Vision)




Synopsis for "The End: Conquest of Jarella's World"

On the planet K'ai, Hiro-Kala has claimed the Enigma Force Nullifier and hopes to use it to destroy the Old Power in the Microverse. He has taken it from Jentorra, the niece of the late Queen Jarella. Sensing that the Nullifier is seeking out someone who can rival him. This power races across the planet, speeding past Marionette and Carl and reaching Arcturus Rann. The Enigma Force then reaches out to him, but he pleads with it not to let him endure its power again. He is furious that prolonged exposure to the Enigma Force has now made him sick and rails against the power. All the Enigma Force can tell him is that it has a purpose that he will now show him. Rann is suddenly teleported before Hiro-Kala and knocks him down with a single blow. As they fight the Enigma Force explains that the Enigma Force Nullifier was meant to be used to stop an outsider who will come to the Microverse with a deadly new power. Its purpose is to change history to prevent the rise of Hiro-Kala, and gives Arcturus a choice: Use the Nullifier to cure himself, or use it to change history and save the universe.

As the battle rages on, the people of K'ai and the Sakaaran refugees try to flee the planet. However, Lihla cannot bring herself to leave out of her love for Hiro-Kala, even though he does not feel the same about her, but she feels confident that he will grow to do so. Meanwhile, the Enigma Force reveals that in the future, after a millennium of absorbing energies, Galactus will be used as a weapon by Hiro-Kala to simultaneously destroy every trace of the Old Power from the universe, destroying everything. Seeing what fate is in store for the universe, Arcturus Rann has no choice but to use the Nullifier to stop Hiro-Kala, even if it means his own death. Rapidly aging, Rann lands a single blow on Hiro-Kala, shattering him into pieces and collapses to the ground. Seeing this Marionette rushes to his side, begging for him to heal himself. Meanwhile, Hiro-Kala begins reassembling himself. Jentorra then tries to conjure a spell to send their enemy back to his home universe in the hopes that the Hulk will deal with him. However, Rann speaks up and tells Jentorra to stop as he already unleashed the Nullifier and it will stop Hiro-Kala. Their foe, however, their foe is furious than ever and channels his energy in order to increase his size.

As the Nullifier Wave heads toward K'ai, Rann orders the Endeavor to rise out of the ocean and stop the ships from leaving t he planet. Meanwhile, Hiro-Kala takes control of Jentorra's teleportation spell. He then combines the spell with his New Power and uses it to start teleporting the entire planet out of the Microverse. Scrambling, Rann and his allies are pulled back aboard the Endeavor but are forced to leave Jentorra behind. Despite their best efforts, the entire planet K'ai and the Endavor are teleported out of the Microverse and appear just outside of the Fault. Weakened by the ordeal, Hiro-Kala resumes his normal height and when Lihla comes to his side, he snaps her neck, killing her instantly. While aboard the Endeavor, Arcturus Rann and his allies agree that they have to try stop Hiro-Kala but will need to find allies. Meanwhile, amid the rubble floating in space stands Jentorra and a lone Psyklop unit.

Solicit Synopsis

The SON OF HULK, the sinister visionary Hiro-Kala, learns that unlike his father, love, not anger, is his most dangerous emotion…for it is his love that will someday trigger an unstoppable, cosmic Armageddon! While this incredible prophecy forces him to make a shocking sacrifice, the Son of Hulk faces a brutal, final showdown that will shatter the past and future of Jarella’s sub-atomic planet K’ai…and the entire Microverse! THE CONCLUSION of “THE CONQUEST OF JARELLA’S WORLD”

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