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Quote1 I asked: What's the worst that could happen? This is. How can I protect the universe from another universe? Galaxies and worlds all united to consume us? They're coming! Quote2

Appearing in "The Stars Are Wrong"

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Synopsis for "The Stars Are Wrong"

On Knowhere, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Quasar, along with Richard Rider of the Nova Corps and Dr. Gruenwald of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. communicating via telepresence, convene on what to do with the Fault matter. Rocket Raccoon cites evidence that cosmic wars weakened the fabric of the universe. Drax suggests that they simply seal it. Rider backs up the argument, citing that strange entities from different universes came through it. However, Gruenwald suggests that they gather data on the rip. Quasar volunteers to scout it out, as his energy form can survive its storms and they can all monitor his quantum link.

As Quasar flies into the Fault, he describes it as a vortex of "worlds torn loose from the galaxies that sired them, tumbling into the maelstrom... timestreams creaking as they slide against each other. Eventually, he then stumbles on what looks like a desolate New York. Even stranger, he is back to physical form. Then suddenly, he is attacked by a grotesque creature of indescribable mass. As he fights it, he is assisted by what seems like this Earth's Avengers, except they all have red eyes. Ms. Marvel is surprised that he is "back so soon." They soon realize, while fighting the creature, that he's not their Quasar. Thor then turns monstrous, striking down the creature, which turns back into Bruce Banner. These Avengers feel that he had been given enough chances and Iron Man pulls out his heart. A shocked Quasar is unable to move due to the Scarlet Witch using a hex to immobilize him. They then contain Quasar in an energy prison.

In his prison, Trapezohedron, Quasar questions why their powers are like that. Giant-Man answers that their gods, the Many-Angled Ones, granted them such powers in return for their adoration. Quasar then postulates that this Earth is what is at the end of the Fault. The Avengers of this Earth explain that they have become interested in the Fault, which is the ticket for their gods to conquer more worlds than their limited universe. And the key to achieving that is with Quasar's help, though he refuses to cooperate. The Scarlet Witch appears, stating that they simply have to follow his quantum link to his universe. Once their Earth asserts itself into his universe, then it will destroy the current one.

Quasar questions why she feels sorry; Wanda admits that the others scare her and she shudders that they have allowed such a creature to possess their bodies and minds. However, she kept Iron Man and Giant-Man from realizing what was happening.

Suddenly, she collapses, as the Vision emerges from her body. This Vision explains that he had concealed himself in his wife's body to observe the Avengers and attempt to find a cure. However, he could not stand by and let such evils conquer another Earth. His world is already lost, as there are few individuals of pure science like himself who could oppose the nightmare. He releases Quasar, telling him to leave. Without him, the Avengers of this Earth cannot find his.

Quasar quickly flees, escaping both Iron Man and Thor. He then sees their universe for what it truly is: a corrupt, deathless corpse. He tries informing Gruenwald over his quantum link, but his message is garbled.

At Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Quasar manifests in the complex. However, this Quasar has red eyes, implying that this is not the real Quasar.

Solicit Synopsis

Exploding out of WAR OF KINGS, what lies in the REALM OF KINGS? The shocking showdown between Black Bolt and Vulcan has created The Fault, a vast tear through time and space through which almost anything can charge into our universe. What secrets does it hold? What dangers lurk within? Will it reintroduce forgotten allies…or unleash ancient enemies? The cosmic masters Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning unite with WAR MACHINE’S Leonardo Manco to open the next great chapter in Marvel’s resurging cosmic corner!



  • The Revengers use the word "fthagn" as a replacement curse word. The word comes from the phrase, "ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn." This along with the grotesque features of the monstrosities in the Cancerverse and the quasi-evil nature of the beings living there seeking to escape into another universe to grow and corrupt are all clear references to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.

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