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The Realm of the Crimson Dawn is named after the substance it serves to contain, and is representative of the Crimson Dawn's properties. It can only be accessed by those who can travel through shadows. The sky is blood red, akin to perpetual sunset or twilight, and the landscape is devoid of vegetation and harsh and rocky. The air is devoid of any real warmth or moisture. Being that this realm is mystical in nature, none of the life that exists there is dependent on food or water to survive.[1]

The Crimson Dawn was adjacent to the Crimson Cosmos of Cyttorak, though the nature of their connection is unrevealed.[2]

The architecture is reminiscent of that of China and Japan, albeit much more fantastic in design. The city itself is composed of multiple buildings of this nature, though, strangely, none of the buildings have doors nor windows. As its denizens utilize shadows for travel, they are unnecessary.[1]

The central tower within the city stands much higher than the surrounding buildings. Within this tower is the Ebon Vein; the chamber in which the elixir itself is located. The Vein also serves as the throne room for its current proctor, and is heavily guarded by Undercloaks.[3]


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