Nothing is known about the Reanimator, save that he was a technopathic mutant with a flair for the overdramatic who used his powers to fashion armies of robots in the rough shapes of other superhumans to commit crimes for him. He also apparently considered himself the archnemesis of Nova (Richard Rider).

When Nightcrawler and the Skrull sleeper agent impersonating Wolverine tracked what was apparently their old nemesis Magneto to an old junkyard, they were attacked by the Reanimator's robots, and quickly deduced that "Magneto" had also been one of them.[1]

Later, the real Wolverine, in the wake of the High Evolutionary's deactivation of the mutant gene, came to rest in the same junkyard, and was himself attacked by the robots, who were now out of the Reanimator's control due to him also losing his X-gene.

A melee ensued between the robots, Wolverine, Nova, and the arriving New Warriors, who sought to help Wolverine. The battle ended when Namorita captured the Reanimator and took him to prison.[2]


The Reanimator was a technopath, able to command machinery with his mind, and had honed his skills to the degree that he could build deadly robot combatants out of junkyard scraps.


He knows how to hack into separate robots and control them with his consciousnesses.

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