Quote1 Well youse don't look like Nazi assassins... for one thing, yer a lot easier around the eyes... Quote2
-- Becky Barnes src

In a world where Steve Rogers and Dr. Abraham Erskine were assassinated by a Nazi spy before the former could become Captain America, Peggy Carter was convinced by Howard Stark to participate in the Super-Soldier Program in his place. While serving the war effort, Peggy encountered the young Rebecca Barnes, a lifelong street brawler, fighting outside of a recruiting station, and convinced her to assist the war effort against the Axis Powers. Becky had grown up in poverty and fought to get by until being persuaded to use those fighting skills at Peggy's side.[2] She assisted in the fight against the Axis Powers for the duration of the war until the detonation of an atomic bomb saw her peers killed,[1] resulting in her joining the Exiles and later entering a relationship with a fellow Exiles member, Valkyrie.[3]


Seemingly those of Bucky Barnes of Earth-616 prior to becoming the Winter Soldier.


Bucky's Uniform

  • Prior to encountering the Exiles, Becky's body became host to an alternate-reality version of herself;[4] however, this second consciousness took more of a spectator role, as Becky still retained her distinct style, recalled her own personal history[2] and remained a lesbian[5], despite her counterpart having a vastly different style and background and being bisexual. Upon Becky's death, Rikki's consciousness moved into yet another counterpart, taking her memories of being Becky with her.
  • There is seemingly no familial connection between Captain America and Becky, despite them being grandmother and granddaughter in another world.

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