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Quote1 I'm not from this world. Never will be. The trick isn't to try and force myself to become a part of it...but to get right with the fact that I'm not. I'm Rikki Barnes, the girl without a world. I'm a nomad. Quote2
-- Nomad src

Franklin Richards was the target of a reborn Onslaught, who planned to kill Franklin so that he could more easily take over the main Marvel reality. Franklin revealed a green orb; this contained a copy of the Heroes Reborn universe that he had created so he had somewhere to escape to. Despite being identical to the previous Heroes Reborn universe, all the heroes were native to this new pocket Earth. Here he met another version of Rikki Barnes, this reality's version of Bucky. She helped the heroes of this world defeat Onslaught. During the fight with Onslaught, both Rikki and Onslaught were trapped in the Negative Zone, with Rikki assuming she was going to die.[citation needed]

Within the Negative Zone, however, both Onslaught and Rikki survived. Onslaught became aware of a small tear in reality that lead to the main Marvel Earth, but didn't have enough power to transport all of his energy there. Instead, he possessed Rikki, wiping her memory of the time after she was transported to the Negative Zone and sent her through the hole in the Negative Zone to Philadelphia, planning to use her as a tether to eventually return to his home reality.[citation needed]

Rikki, unaware of the portion of Onslaught that she carried inside her, attempted several times to contact the current Captain America, who, unbeknownst to her, was James Buchanan Barnes, the 616 counterpart to her own grandfather. Rikki, while still using the identity of Bucky, ran into the Young Avengers member Patriot. Eventually Rikki came to the attention of James Barnes' girlfriend, the Black Widow, who told Rikki to not contact the current Captain America.[citation needed]

Later, Black Widow gave Rikki a new version of the Nomad costume. Rikki began to fight crime under the name Nomad. During her adventures, she met the hero Araña, and the two became fast friends and crime-fighting partners, eventually revealing their civilian identities to each other. Nomad also finally met with this reality's version of Steve Rogers, who had vague memories of his time in the original Heroes Reborn reality.[citation needed]

During one adventure, Nomad and Araña battled the Bastards of Evil, a group of young super villains claiming to be the illegitimate children of the world's most dangerous criminals. Eventually the girls are captured by the Bastards, who planned to kill the two young superheroes and broadcast their executions on the internet and television. Other young heroes rescued the girls, including Gravity, Firestar and El Toro. With their combined efforts, they were able to defeat and capture the Bastards.[1]

After defeating the Bastards, Nomad suggested that the heroes group together and form a new superhero team; the other heroes, however, seemed reluctant, especially when Nomad suggested Young Allies as a name for the group. Still, the five became fast friends, and El Toro even became Rikki's roommate, with Rikki attempting to teach Benito English and Benito teaching her Spanish. Rikki secretly held some romantic feelings for Benito, due to a previous relationship with his counterpart in her universe.[2]

Soon after Benito moved in with her, Rikki began to have nightmares about a powerful entity attacking her in Colombia. After El Toro was kidnapped by El Dragon, Rikki along with the other Young Allies and the Secret Avengers investigated an abandoned Roxxon facility in the South American country. Once there, Onslaught revealed himself, possessing Rikki's body and attempting to use the energy he had stored in her as an anchor to pull himself back into the main Marvel Earth. Revealing to Rikki that she had been sent here solely to serve as his tether, she began to fight back. Eventually, Rikki had Gravity seemingly kill her so that Onslaught could not return and destroy Earth.[citation needed]

Despite the fact that Rikki seemingly died, Steve Rogers began to have nightmares similar to the ones Rikki had before, suggesting that enough of Nomad's (and Onslaught's) energy may have survived to escape death and now seek a new way to return to the main Marvel reality.[citation needed]

After Franklin Richards and Molecule Man recreated the multiverse, Rikki was resurrected in a Old West Earth with some memories of her old lives. After being killed, Rikki was resurrected in a WWII Earth, and after that she died again, she was resurrected in a Earth similar to Earth-616 where she dated Toni Ho until both of them were killed by the Maker. Each time Rikki dies, she returned with more memories of her previous lives.[3]




Rikki is a trained dancer, she has great acrobatic skill and it is possible that she has been given fighting training by either Captain America or S.H.I.E.L.D.

Strength level

Average strength for a youth her age who is in good physical shape


Throwing discs that contain miniature flash bangs.

  • This version comes from yet another pocket universe created by Franklin Richards when he was attempting to escape Onslaught who sought revenge on the boy for his past defeat.[4]
  • Rebecca Barnes was the name of the original Bucky's sister in the mainstream reality.

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