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Becky Blake was viciously assaulted by Michael Reese when she was a student in college, permanently losing the use of her legs. Blake has since been confined to a wheelchair. Blake later became a competent secretary and confidant of Matthew Murdock and Franklin Nelson at first their Storefront Legal Services and later at the offices of Nelson and Murdock in Midtown New York City.

Michael Reese continued his masked assaults on women. Daredevil eventually brought Reese to justice and his alter ego, Murdock, convinced Becky to testify against Reese in the court case. Initially, Blake thought she had been assaulted by Reese's lookalike Melvin Potter.[1]

Blake had unrequited romantic feelings for Matt Murdock. However, the two's relationship appears to have remained platonic.

Blake later became a lawyer and partner for their new "Nelson, Blake, and Murdock" firm.[2] The firm became "Nelson and Blake" after Foggy fired Matt. Following the events of Shadowland, Blake quit the firm due to her newfound inability to trust Murdock. Becky Blake narrowly escaped death when their office was set on fire during the conflict. Dakota North was able to rescue her.


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  • No shrinking violet, Becky once injured Bird-Man with a projectile allowing him to be captured by the Black Widow.

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