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Rebecca Hoover is a Mutant who was rescued from a mental institution by the Hellfire Club Inner Circle because they required her abilities for an upcoming mision.[1]

A year ago in Fairfax, Virginia he lived a normal life until on one occasion he almost killed his teacher, one morning he had breakfast with his parents until the Sentinel Service arrived at the house and they took her away after putting an anti-power collar on her.[2]

The first time she arrived at the hospital, she murdered the nurse who cared for her.[3]

She was locked up for a year, they constantly drugged her and never let her out.[1]


Rebecca seems like a nice young woman, though shy. Deep down, she is a sociopath, willing to take down anyone who hates mutants or goes against her. She proved this by killing a large group of bank employees and almost killing the entire Inner Circle, except Andy whom she had genuine feelings for.

Powers and Abilities


Molecular Distortion: Rebecca can telekinetically twist things inside out, allowing her to both damage heavy metal objects and explode living human beings[1]. She can also twist things backwards.

Physical Strength

Strength of a normal human who engages in moderate exercise.


The larger and thicker the object, the harder it is for her to control it.[4]



Formerly Inner Circle SUV


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