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The Recorder accompanied Force Works on a mission in China. Recorder stayed on the Hex-Ship Pegasus and observed Force Works fighting the Avatars.[2]

Recorder stated the obvious to Force Works by telling them that all Avatars except their captive Lich got away. Recorder stayed on the Hex-Ship Pegasus and flew with Force Works to Mandarin's Castle, but it shut down when they entered Mandarin's anti-technology field.[3]

The disabled Recorder was motionless in the Hex-Ship Pegasus while it crashed.[4]

After Mandarin's defeat the Hex-Ship Pegasus and the Recorder were brought to Hong Kong. The Recorder was running again and wanted to know everything that occurred while it was off-line.[5]

The Recorder took over the Vault's computer, disabled the Guardsmen, and opened the cells of the imprisoned members of the radical Kree team Starstealth. Force Works arrived and Century found the Recorder in the Vault's computer core. The Recorder attacked him with the Vault's security system. Meanwhile, Iron Man found a way to stop the Recorder by short-circuiting it with an E.M. overload. Iron Man's plan worked and Force Works finally realized that the Kree had something to do with the Recorder's strange behavior.[6]

The Recorder was then given to the Rigellians when they came to Earth to arrest Starstealth for face justice in front of a war tribunal. After the Regellians examined him, the Recorder reactivated and killed all the Regellians. He then took over the Regellians' ship and pledged loyalty toward the Kree before teleporting two escaped members of Starstealth aboard. The Starstealth were defeated by Century and Scarlet Witch. The two heroes then confronted the Recorder. The Recorder told the heroes his story and mocked them when they threatened him. Scarlet Witch had enough and used her powers to destroy the Recorder.[1]

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