Quote1 That's what I like about you Red – you're so stupid! Quote2
-- Tony Sardo src

Red was a henchman of racketeer Tony Sardo. On the night the android Human Torch escaped from his isolation and was running loose, the hero (unable to control his flame at that time) dived into Sardo's swimming pool to douse his flames. Red spotted the Torch's trespass on the Sardo's personal estate and his employer -- seeing the Torch as a means to create a successful fire insurance racket had Red drain the pool and place an air tight cover over it.

Later, when Mr. Harris -- president of the Acmen Warehouse, Inc -- refused to pay Sardo's protection fee, Red helped Sardo to transport the Torch's body to the Acmen Warehouse. They freed the Torch and his uncontrollable flame burned it down.

Realizing that Sardo had exploited him, the Torch tracked him and his gang down. Red tried to escape in Sardo's armored car, but the Torch jumped on top of the vehicle melting it. The searing heat broiled Red alive.[1][2]


Red had access to the various equipment made available by his employer Anthony Sardo.


Red traveled in Sardo's armored truck.


Red had access to conventional firearms.

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