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Kareem and his family were originally from Badin, Pakistan. Kareem's mother and Kamala Khan's maternal aunt went to secondary school together. While studying for his university entrance exams, Kareem lived with Kamala's grandmother in Karachi. At night, Kareem protected the people of Pakistan as the masked hero known as the Red Dagger.[1]

One night, he met Ms. Marvel (secretly Kamala) and quickly deduced she was living abroad. He asked her to be more careful about fighting crime in other people's territory and the two parted ways amicably.[1]

Kareem later participated in an exchange student program, attending Coles Academic High School in Jersey City, New Jersey while living at the Khan Family Residence in order to earn foreign-language credits for his college applications. While there, he continued fighting crime as Red Dagger, leading him and Kamala to suspect of each other's double lives, but never actually telling each other.[3][6]



  • Expert Marksmanship.[1]
  • Bilingual: Kareem is fluent in urdu and english.[4]



  • Throwing knives.[1]


  • Kareem is a member of the Forums social media network.[2]

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